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START SMALL Parenting for 5-and-Under

START SMALL Parenting Course

This innovative course in parenting builds healthy, respectful kids and parents right from the start. Find alternatives to punishment/reward, teach your child to respond to your voice with respectful behaviors, eliminate chaos, and create harmony in your home. Developed by Gailen Keeling, L.D, M.Div., LMFT, from his over 45 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and in collaboration with early childhood specialist, Ann Keeling, MFA.

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Share and Share Alike…Or?

Sharing. Taking turns. A child’s favorite toy is snatched up by another. How often does it end in tears and anger? Are small children too young to learn to share? In a recent article by Very Bloggy Beth, Why I Don’t Make My Son Share, she writes of her pre-school’s sharing policy in which a child can keep a toy as long as they
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Gun Play and Boys

From the moment my son could grasp, he held a stick in his hand. As he grew, the stick became integral to his play. It took on the life of a sword, a knife, a light saber, a spear. I thought of these as healthy ways for him to express childhood curiosity towards power and and aggression. But then, the stick became a gun.
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Help Your Child Peacefully Fall Asleep

My son was 2 when we began to help him transition into his own big boy bed. At first he used our assistance to fall asleep – lullabies, holding hands, or gentle back rubs. It then changed to where he just needed us in the room. Today, I found this scrap of paper and it reminded me of how sweet the words were we
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